May 12, 2009

He Walks!

Behold, the toddler! Here's a somewhat lengthy video of our little guy on the move. Over the past month Alden has gone from being a crawler to a toddler, and he has the head injuries to prove it. He still does not like to walk on grass with his bare feet, but beyond that he is pretty keen on bipedal locomotion. He's also very keen on stroller rides, which is what we did after shooting this video.

Alden has always been very chatty, but it seems to have been heightened over the past month. We didn't think it was that unusual until we noticed his daycare friends and other babies his age were not nearly as verbal. This kid has a lot on his mind, I guess. 

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kay said...

Oh My God!!
I can't believe how much more mobile Alden is in just 1 month!! I can't wait to trip the light fantastic with him sometime this summer, since it looks like he's really getting his 'boogie down' moves going in sync with the drum machine. So fun to watch the videos. Thank you for taking the time to do all that you do with the blog so that we can share in your lives even when so far away. Love, Auntie K