January 31, 2013

End of January

For the end of January, it was really warm. I think it was between 45 and 50 degrees. All the snow melted  and the bees even came out. It was part of a rapid weather shift with winds of 50 mph or so.

 Elliott and I were able to visit the bees because his daycare lost power and I had to pick him up at one. Three of the four hives were doing well. We didn't see any bees flying in and out of Mercury's hive, but that doesn't mean anything , maybe they were staying inside.
Here I am with Elliott snuggled in my coat walking around the back yard.

January 29, 2013


Elliott is getting big. 

He can grab things he wants to grab, which is new found control for him.

His latest trick is reaching out for your face when he meets you and grabbing it. He seems to be differentiating between people as well, with Ilana being at the top of the hierarchy (of course).  

He is also almost sitting up by himself... maybe another week or two on that. 

He is still very chatty and has been for the past month. Folks say he is more vocal than other children of his age.  

January 26, 2013

Alden Birthday 5 pt. 2

Alden had his follow-up birthday at the Discovery Museum in Augusta with a handfull of friends from school.
He had a great time playing with everyone and was a very nice host.
Ilana provided some great chocolate cupcakes and even made balloon animals for the kids. Mostly dogs and flowers, but the kids loved it.

January 23, 2013


Alden has had some trouble with his ears and we decided it was time to take direct action. We were told that removing his adenoids and putting in ear tubes (again) would surely solve everything. This was a recommendation by his Ear, Nose and Throat doc and it seemed like good advice. I arranged the surgery then and there. As we left the doctor's office Alden asked "Are they going to cut off my ears?" to which I replied "No, they will remove your adenoids, which is kind of in your throat, not your ears." To which Alden stated," Oh, maybe they are only going to cut off one of my ears". To which I said, "Yes, maybe only one ear, but probably not."
Alden was nervous at the hospital, although we watched an online video from the hospital about what to expect. Alden had the video memorized and between doses of engagement and distraction we managed to get him ready for the event.
Ilana got suited up too, to be with Alden when they put him under.
Alden was very adamant about not going to sleep when they gave him the gas. He went to sleep right after they put the mask on, of course. Even as a willful 5 year old, it's tough to defy chemistry.
Except for about 10 minutes of Alden being absolutely crazy in the recovery room when he came-to after surgery, things went very well. The nurses told us to expect the post-surgery dementia episode, but it was still difficult to get through... of course Alden does not remember any of it.
After the recovery room Alden got a grape popsicle, they did some tests and he was out the door.
Karen had been watching Elliott for us during this time and had snacks with Alden when he got home. He hears a lot better now and his tympanic membrane has returned to it's original non-stretched state, so it looks like the surgery was a success.

January 19, 2013

Alden Birthday 5

Alden had the first part of his fifth birthday today! There will be another party a week from now at the Discovery Museum in Augusta. For today we hung around the house and people came by to wish us well and eat home-made pizza and cake. Alden picked a strawberry shortcake this year.
Sophia a and her parents were the first guests. After they left Evelyn and her family came over to play. It was great to host and Alden played really well with his friends. His favorite game is still going into the guest room and acting crazy. His friends seem to like that activity too and it gives the grown-ups a chance to socialize.
 I finally pulled my 20 gallon aquarium out of Karen's basement and set it up for Alden to discover in the morning.  I did not have time to put fish in it, just everything else. Alden was very excited, despite the lack of sea creatures. We went out later that day and got a couple of Bleeding Heart Tetras.
All in all a very successful birthday.