March 15, 2010

Early spring

Spring seems to have come early this year. This weekend and last were particularly warm, so we were able to get out and do some gardening.
I have been working on reclaiming the burn-pile land so I can plant on it, or at least let some grass grow. The pile had some glass and metal I had to sift out of it,and a couple charred stumps and unburned twigs. I got all of the junk out of it and tilled the soil to mix in the ash.
I also tilled some new space for a potato patch and widened part of the garden. There is still a bunch of work to do, but it was a treat to be able to start so early.
Alden also had a great time in the sun. We rediscovered the wheelbarrow, which is his new favorite means of transport. He also really enjoys collecting the tiny pine cones from the ground under the hemlock tree. All in all good warm days.

March 13, 2010

Kerstin video

I made a quick video of the Poetry Out Loud event that I did for the Maine Arts Commission. Alden thinks it is a great thing to watch, which makes me feel pretty good. He calls it "kids building".

The video isn't sizing right on the blog, so you can also see it here.

March 10, 2010

March Update

Ilana dressed Alden and went down stairs. I got up, got dressed and came down stairs... how embarrassing! I also just noticed in this picture we are both holding wind-up frogs.

It has been awhile since the last post... I have been busy with work and with teaching. Spring seems to be just around the corner and we managed to do some gardening and yard work last weekend. It has not snowed since the new year. There was a big storm at new year's break, but since then it has been relatively mild.Alden is developing in leaps and bounds, and has been especially delightful for the past two months. He loves to run and play at the playground and is still working out how to jump. His favorite music these days is Rockit by Herbie Hancock (although we do not let him watch the video, honestly, it kind of freaks me out too, the link is to the '83 Grammy version, also creepy but in more of a Reaganomics kind of way). Alden thinks the record scratching sound is puppies. Other grooves include Ran Kan Kan by Tito Puente and Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash... And, of course, Frere Jacques, where the melody gets incorporated into just about everything from changing diapers to making breakfast to any thing else that can be described in four syllables.Favorite foods these days include pickled garlic and olives, along with the standard goldfish crackers, apples, refried beans, cheese, bagels and cream cheese, and cereal. He is still pretty veggiephobic although we get them in when we can with eggs and pasta. On the home front I have been doing bits and bobs. I installed a vent hood for our stove at the end of February. It took a day to snake the electric through the wall and hook it up, and another day to knock a hole in the wall and run the vent. I was pretty worried going into it. Cutting a hole through your house in February in Maine could be problematic. Fortunately it all went well and Ilana is happy being able to cook without setting off out smoke detectors. Alden appreciates it too.