May 17, 2009

Rock me Momma, like a wagon wheel

Spring is here and we are spending as much time outside as we can. The garden is planted and the birds, bees, groundhogs, turkey vultures, and neighbor's dog are all out enjoying the mild weather with us. The great thing about Comet is that he's dependable kiddie entertainment, is up for fetch anytime, and when you're done with him, you can just send him home! All the fun of doggies without all the mess...
Know what the kids are down with these days? Two diaper boxes loosely fastened to the Radio Flyer with some random rope we happened to have lying around. Yup, it's ghetto, but it's also irresistible. Evelyn thought it was way better than her stroller. Above is a picture of Alden and Evelyn having a ride two weeks ago. This weekend our friends the Precourts came over for a barbecue with their children (Will, 2 and Charlotte, 5) and got a whole lot of enjoyment from it. While Alden is content to move about in the wagon at a leisurely clip, stopping at landmarks in the yard or to inspect fruit trees, a mostly digested cloth frisbee partially hidden in the lawn (thanks, Comet) and the like, the Precourt children picked it up a notch, shouting "Faster!!" and "Run over there!" Alden seemed slightly concerned about our joyriding at first, but he came to really enjoy it by the end of the day.
Peter at the helm. The thing I love the most about this picture is the tiny, frolicking Charlotte in the distance. She looks like a little purple pixie.
Alden and Will get along very well. Will is our vision into the future, since he's about 6 months older than Alden. He is a full-fledged little boy, it's amazing what a difference a few months can make.

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