May 23, 2009

Frost Scare - New Plot

At the top of last week... a week ago actually, we had our (hopefully) last frost scare of the season. The weatherman said the temperature at night would be down in the thirties. This means us over-anxious gardeners who planted before Memorial Day had to soak our plants and cover them with straw, plastic tarps, damp newspaper, and whatever else we had to keep them from dying. Fortunately the temperature did not dip down enough to create a frost, and we removed all the cover the following morning.

We covered our herb garden with a tarp and our vegetable garden with a tarp and then inividual seedlings with extra plastic containers we had, including the clear plastic boxes in which you package salad-greens. Unfortunately the irony was lost on the plants.
The rain/sun mix this spring has been really good for growing. Last year it was too wet and plants had a hard time getting started. In an effort to prevent deer from munching my trees I hung dryer-sheets from the branches with clothes pins. Similar and easier than the soap I wired up last year, I hope the smell will deter our forest friends.

Here is the plot of the additions to the garden/orchard experiment for this year. Not too bad from last year. Everything looks healthy and happy except my peach trees which had a hard winter and died back to a few sad branches.

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