November 18, 2007

Nearing move in

I'm not sure what stage of the game this renovation is at now� near the end maybe?

We've put some boxes in the living room and have a new fridge and stove, but the kitchen walls still need to be painted and there are countless tiny/ not-so-tiny projects that are on my list. Overall though, I think we can move in this weekend - defined by spending the night and sleeping in the house. (as opposed to spending the night working on the house all night).

I would say at this point all livable space is over 90% complete, but nothing is completely done. We are still dealing with pig-tailed bulbs for lighting (but they are all switched). The bedroom closets need the sheet-rocking and paint. Master bedroom door needs casing. The bathroom needs casing around the window, shower, and door and we need a custom shower door. Kitchen needs loads of casing and kick molding and I need to run some new electric for the new stove. So when I say 90%. I'm only talking about the facilities never mind curtains, carpets, and couches.

The kitchen floor was the last big project. It came out pretty well, as long as the material continues to last. The engineered parquet did not inspire confidence in its durability. The parquet tile is pretty thin and the pieces are held together with hot-melt-glue and some soft-metal wire (no joke). The dude at the building supply place said we could either glue it down or pin it with narrow gauge staples. I figure if I pined it, it would last about two months before all the parquet pieces start shifting and lifting and breaking, so I used the glue so all the pieces would be held in place. I then put two coats of urethane over the already finished top surface for extra wear protection. I think the parquet durability was more intended for some 2nd den, rather than a kitchen application� I hope it lasts.

I also had a chance to do a repair the other week. I patched a leak in the roof. The tar seal around the chimney was a little punky.

Also, a picture of the sunset in October.

November 6, 2007

Kitchen Renovation Continues

We had our stove installed last week and it works great. We're really happy with the way it fits into the space. There's nothing like a roaring fire on a cold November day.

Now Kerstin and Burris have moved on to the kitchen in earnest. They've put sheetrock over almost all the walls and plastered over another wall (with the baseboard heating). The doors have been hung and the new wiring and can lights are in. We even got a second-hand fridge that's living in the dining room at the moment. Now we're on the prowl for a stove and dishwasher. Kerstin is hoping to finish the walls within the next few days and put the floor in by this weekend. If all goes well, we'll move in this coming Monday!