December 30, 2011

A snow blower for Kerstin's Birthday

Alden, Joseph, Sandy, Joseph, my Mom and I all pitched in for a snow blower for Kerstin's birthday this year. When Alden and I picked it up from the store, the sales clerk gave us the low down on the operation and Alden listened intently. When we presented Kerstin with his snow blower, Alden covered all the features for him.

December 24, 2011

Chanukah 2011

We celebrated the first 3 days of Chanukah with Joseph, Sandy, Geoff and Karen this year. Alden is learning his baruchas!

December 22, 2011

Alden Sings

The Stepping Stones school Alden attends had a Christmas show last week. It was held at a lovely mansion in Augusta (Governor Hill's Mansion).
The program was crazy long... 37 songs all together... It lasted at least two hours (Alden's songs were over an hour) we waited as long as we could but finally had to go.

At least half of the performance Alden looked lost. He did step up on a couple songs... and then he went and cuddled with his teacher for the last part.

Here is Alden at about 50 percent performance level.

December 1, 2011

Advent Calendar

We are doing advent calendars this year and did the first day today. It is something that fascinates Alden. The chocolate is the cheap kind, but he loves it and thinks the tiny doors and numbers are swell.
I have one and Alden gets the other one. Ilana wants nothing to do with this nonsense.

Here's to 23 more days and figuring out how to tie it in with Hanukkah the end.