August 28, 2013


Kindergarten for Alden, Back to daycare for Elliott.
Wednesday was the first day of Kindergarten for Alden. Elliott was supposed to start daycare Monday, but had a fever that lasted to Wednesday.

Alden was most excited about riding the bus by himself. He is also very excited about a new school, but the bus thing is the primary conversation.

We waited for the bus on the lawn, on the big front rock, on the porch sofa and finally on the front steps. The bus came at 7:45 and away he went. I then took Elliott to daycare at the Boys and Girls Club, which was the next stop on Alden's bus ride... so I got to wave good-bye to him again.

August 25, 2013

Picnic Portland

We all went to Portland to the 'Picnic Portland' Festival (and to the Children's Museum) this weekend. The festival was mostly discovery bands and hipster clothes/ food. Very fun.  

Alden got to run through a dirty fountain (when Ilana was not looking). Elliott mostly relaxed in his stroller.

August 14, 2013

Elliott Birthday

Elliott had a great birthday. I took some pictures after his party to document the day.

August 11, 2013

Alden Super Hero 'Trashcan'

This is Alden as a superhero. He says his superhero name is "Trashcan"... due to the proximity of a trashcan when he was coming up with his super hero name. He has a net on his head that "shoots metal parts from the handle", goggles, a flashlight, and as of last week a cape he made at school.

Alden is grappling with good-guy/ bad-guy dynamics.When playing with toys Alden usually tries to steer the narrative to have the bad guys and good guys be in conflict. I created a new group of middle-guys to try and mellow things out, but the bad guys and good guys just teamed up against the middle guys. You just can't win.

August 7, 2013

Swim Lessons End

Alden has been taking swimming lessons at the YMCA this summer. The classes were only for a couple of months, but in that time he has gone from being a little nervous in the water to being over confident. The lessons were at 6:00pm, but we realized his friend from school (Cadence) was in the class before him so we shifted him to 5:30. I think seeing Cady being fearless and good at swimming motivated Alden.

Cady had lessons before this session so after the course she graduated to 'Eel'. Alden is still a 'Pike' but lessons start up again in September and we think we will sign him up again. He's made great progress.