December 30, 2013


Here are some holiday pictures
We went to Kaen's house for Christmas morning. The big gift hits for Elliott were some bath toy egg things and a toy car that plays music. His favorite song is pop goes the weasel (the red button).

Alden also liked the musical car and would hassle Elliott about song selection and driving rights.
What really impressed Alden was the lego set, which made everything grind to a halt for about five hours while he assembled the beach- house. He Still had gifts left to unwrap, but was so excited went off and started to build. 
In the evening we had a fantastic seafood super.

December 28, 2013

Ice Storm

So we got behind on the blog updates  due to the holidays. We lost power for three or four days (23 to the 27th-ish) which was inconvenient but no major issue. We kept the wood stove burning and were able to go over to Karen's house on Christmas (she had her power back by then). We still had (cold) running water and our stove-top is gas, and since it is winter we put our refrigerator food in a box on the porch. 
The birch trees were the most dramatic with the ice weight,
We did not get too much damage, a few lost branches, but they were far away from the house and rather small.
Everything was beautiful encased in ice
Not sure how the bees are doing... too cold to check.

December 21, 2013

Alden Holiday Series 1

Original artwork gifts from Alden. He did this series of things that he likes/ is interested in. 

 A monster with a gold stick.
 Cat with stripes and butterflies behind clouds.

Cheese robot with wheels floating down to cheese moon holding some cheese.

 Alden and Elliott taking a bath.

  Butterfly sun and snake.

 Fish from the fish tank.

 Orange cat and grey cat playing with balls and ribbons.

 Cage above three mice with cheese.