May 5, 2009


The reason for the lag of blog entries in the end of April was partially due to Alden and Ilana both being sick. Alden had a wet cough for about a week before we got him medicine, and then it took a week for it to go away. Ilana had a sinus infection at the same time, getting her medicine at about the same time as well.

I have been doing time sensitive springtime house and garden projects. I know this is not the strongest defense for not updating this thing, but if you don't get your veggies planted at the right time they won't grow properly.

After two seasons of half-assed gardening we are going at it this year with our whole ass. A new fence dug into the ground will deter gophers and we even put lawn edging plastic around the base to prevent weed creep. We also think the garden will get at least 30% more sun now that we cut down the White Pine.
When Ben was still here we knocked down our old compost bin, it was ugly, falling down, and wasn't being used properly. I built a new compost bin behind the wall of shrubs so we don't have to look at it from the house.

The new compost bin is made from cinder blocks I found around the property. The good thing is I can expand the bin in the future if I need to by getting more brick.

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Benjamin said...

Hey Ilana and Kurt, Trying to figure out when I'll ead back to east coast. Wanted to maximize my time. wanted to know your plans to coordinate. Maybe go to dads the end of may/ beginning of June if you guys were going down around the same time. Spend a day there before I dissappear for 3 years, finish stained glass, help build whatever summer project you have, and start the drive across country before mid July. (possibly june-ish). Need to add roof rack or trailer to my car, which ever is easier and still fits my shit. Anyho, I'll call you later this week to chat.