May 3, 2009

Box Crazy

Alden has always been a huge fan of boxes, but lately it's become a favorite part of his day. Any box, be it too small (above) or too large (below) is to be entered into head-first with great enthusiasm. The box is then to be filled with favorite toys (he seems to prefer the Angry Rabbit, blocks and balls). Once his passengers are secured inside, the box is to pushed around as fast as possible. There's a speed trap in the living room, with a police car staked out behind the wood stove. Alden usually refuses to submit to the authorities and after an initial pursuit, makes a beeline for the kitchen, which is beyond living room cop's jurisdiction. It's all very Dukes of Hazard.
The box is also a great way to keep Alden contained in the Radio Flyer. Since he's still rather top heavy and more than willing to lurch to one side if he sees the neighbor's dog or a bumblebee or a stick or any other object of interest. He's finally gotten over grass phobia and does a pretty good job walking around on our ridiculously uneven lawn by himself. He still prefers to travel by box, if possible. This contraption was cobbled together by Karen and Kerstin to make his favorite mode of transportation a little easier on our sore grownup backs.

Karen pulling Alden in his box-wagon as we mow the lawn (background audio).

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