February 24, 2014

Music From the Kids

Alden and his violin are making progerss. 

Elliott is also interested in making music, not quite as focused however. 

February 16, 2014


We went sledding today. I had to dig out a pit to contain Elliott while Alden and I went down the sled run. Alden called it the waiting room. The weather has actually been too cold to go sledding so it is nice to have it be above freezing for the past few days.  

February 3, 2014

Elliott is Now a Toddler

Baby Elliott graduated today and is now officially toddler Elliott!

Elliott has actually been toddling for quite awhile, however at daycare he was still in the baby room... doing baby stuff. Last week an opening in the toddler room was made and we prepared for the transition.
This is Elliott on the last day in the baby room, eating breakfast with his friends. The table has holes in it where the babies sit.
Here is Elliott walking around the backyard yesterday. Unlike when Alden was this age, Elliott does not like having his hand held when walking and he HATES being picked up and carried when there is an option to walk by himself.