November 30, 2012

San Francisco Trip 2

We had a chance to  go to Muir Woods and visit the big trees with the family. I was also going to meet up with my friends Brad and Shanti and their new baby Taren. Unfortunately we got held up a little and there is no phone reception in the park by which to coordinate schedules. I later found out that Shanti saw Alden and Levin racing up and down the trails, but did not make the connection to me.

The forest was great and is one of the places I really wanted to see in my life.
Here is Alden outside the gift shop next to a slice of tree. 
In addition to the Muir woods trip we also did hiking and geocaching thanks to uncle Aaron. We found this crazy maze in the middle of a field and had fun taking and leaving things in the cashing canisters.  The big hit was the San Jose Technology Museum, it was so nice we went there twice.

There was a Myth Buster exhibition that was loads of fun.
 Aaron and Leven dominated in the space-chair simulator
Alden especially liked the kinetic ball-sculpture outside the museum and the new-technology exhibit where a robot arm drew a picture of Alden with a bic pen.
Alden and I were able to visit Shanti, Brad and Taren at their place after the museum.
Ilana and Barbara missed the first visit since Ilana was fighting a cold and Barbara was working. We went back on the last day of our visit... Well, they went back, I split from the group and saw an interactive art festival.

November 29, 2012

San Francisco Trip 1

Arriving on Thanksgiving, we were able to join the rest of the Hobson family for the feast. 
We flew all day and the flight was surprisingly okay. No delays, lost bags, bad attitudes or other nonsense that frequently comes with modern air travel. The one problem was the discovery that Alden will throw-up every time the airplane descends. Not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN. However, knowing this allows us to be ready with a sick bag (or at least it did on the flight back... learning curve) 
It was great to be with the family all in one place and we were also able to celebrate Ben's birthday. We were able to meet baby Ada, and it was also a chance for many folks to meet Elliott for the first time. Alden and Levin got along famously and played well together.
Ben's birthday night bowling was a hit, although Liz and I stayed home with the babies.The group went to the Academy of Science, which had a rain forest exhibit with frogs, fish and butterflies as well as baby ostriches outside in the yard!

Baby ostrich!

November 18, 2012

Putting the Bees Away for the Winter

We have had a couple surprisingly warm days lately, the last gasps of summer. When given the chance the bees still go out and forage. They even come back with pollen, although I have no idea where they could have gotten it.
Despite the mild days it is time to prepare the bees for winter, which involves doing a final hive check to see if they have enough food, wrapping the hive in tar paper (with a little escape hole in the top), and putting a moisture board under the cover to help it stay dry inside.
Last year with the single hive I also put a piece of insulation under the tar paper, this year with four it was left out. Now all that is left is to wait and worry until February and hope they have enough food and whatever else for the winter.

November 12, 2012

Canada Trip, Moncton

I went to the Franco Fete conference last week, a French Language performing arts market for New Brunswick and Quebec.  The conference was in Moncton, about 6 hours from the house in Maine. The conference was split between three venues, one near the hotel and two in the downtown.
The drive was beautiful  and not too snowy. I think if I would have made the trip later I would be tempting the weather. 

I try not to blog too much about work, but it was great to be in a place where business was conducted in a different language.

November 11, 2012

The Kids

November 7, 2012

Standing up

Elliott loves to stand. His surprisingly strong little baby legs can easily hold up his weight and he's even taking a few steps now and then. He is pretty chatty too.