July 17, 2013

Bee Swarm 2 Collected

Last year we were very proud of ourselves for capturing a swarm of bees that were high in a pine tree. 
The other evening I was walking around the backyard when I noticed this cluster of insects in our apple tree.
 Here is Alden standing directly under it to give a sense of scale.
 We took one of our extra hives and shook the bees into it.
Most were contained (including the queen) the remainder of the bees made their way into the hive over the night.

July 10, 2013

In the Water

Elliott is finally big enough to safely use the regular tub. 
He and Alden have  a great time, but it usually escalates to wild splashing, which Elliott loves but Alden not so much.

July 6, 2013

Ground Hogs again

We have captured two ground hogs so far this year
Alden is very excited about checking the traps every morning and it is part of our ritual to walk through the backyard before breakfast to make sure everything is in order. It feels very New England.
Elliott does not care much for animals and prefers to pull clumps of grass up and eat what he can.