July 22, 2007

Berry Patch

The construction on the house will begin properly this week. The ground floor of the Artdogs building has been renovated so I can redirect my efforts to the house. The last big piece was finishing the floors. After that there was the kick molding and a few odds and ends, but on the whole, the facility can be used. I figure the first step will be the upstairs bathroom.

The garden is going gangbusters and there have been no further deer incursions since the fence and soap and records went up. We are still at least a month away from any garden yield. However, the berry patch is producing like a rabbit on Clomiphene. We were told the raspberries were delicious, and they truly are. We didn’t do anything to the patch with our other projects and all… They should have been pruned back and tied to stakes so we could get between the rows. Right now there’s a big thorny clump we can only circle the outside of. Still, there is more than enough for all our berry-related projects.

July 9, 2007

Old Garbage

Scott came up for another help-weekend. Ilana fixed a tremendous Indian supper as a belated fathers day gift, which was a great treat. We didn’t work on the house too much. Instead we sanded the floors of the Artdogs ground floor, as part of another project I’m trying to get done before I completely delve into the Harrison house. Scott and I did manage to move all the appliances to the garage (Fridge, Stove, Washer, dryer, etc…) so the rooms are more ready for renovation, and we picked away at the kitchen walls, but nothing serious.
I don’t have any pictures of the progress yet, but I do have these old shots of the garbage outside the house. Scott loaded in his truck and he and I took it to the dump during his last visit. Not only did he load it all himself while I was on an errand, but when we got to the dump I didn’t have any cash and he had to pay the weight cost. What a father-in-Law!