March 30, 2014

Pa Jo and Geoffrey Visit

We had a nice family get-together with Joseph and Geoffrey visiting this week.
The weather was poor for part of the visit, but we had a day or two of really nice weather, so nice that the bees came out for a fly-about.

March 23, 2014

Alden Concert

Alden had is first violin concert this week! We brought Elliott too since he seems to really like music.
Most of the event was us waiting for Alden to perform... like two hours waiting. They start with the more seasoned musicians and work their way down to the little ones.
Alden was very good in rehearsal at home, but did not seem to grasp the finer points of public performance when all was said and done.
Elliott was stroller-ed most of the time and seemed to enjoy the music.

March 16, 2014

Bees Overwintering

It was warm yesterday so we checked out the bees. It is tough in weather like this because the bees often freeze when they leave the hive to 'cleanse'. It is too early to tell how the hives overwintered, but I think at least two made it. It was a tough winter so I am a little worried.