April 23, 2014


So this post is being put up a little late.... so passover is more of a memory now. We had a great time and it was nice to connect with the family (and be hosted by Kay)... It was particularly nice to have Alden play music with uncle Aaron

April 22, 2014

Toad and Turtle Collection

Passover time and we are building family memories around catching frogs and turtles in the pond. 
I cam a bit late to this party. By the time I arrived both Alden and Levin were hip-deep on the mucky water trying to capture critters. Ben and Aaron were a big help.
Several frogs were captured as well as a baby turtle. Many other frogs and turtles escaped the clutches of the collectors.
It was at least a two hours before we had to leave, despite the protests of the boys.

April 13, 2014

Bee Spring Cleaning

Today was the first day nice enough to clean the bee hives. In general it is a good idea to wait till mid April (in Maine) to do spring maintenance.

This involves opening up the hives and seeing if the bees are still alive. If they are alive then I look through the frames and see if their are any babies, how much food is left, and if there is and mold or other distress. It is also a a time to scrape all the dead bees out from the bottom, and to rearrange the order of the boxes (put the top on the bottom and bottom on the top).
It looks like 4 out of  5 hives survived the winter, which I am very pleased with. Winter seemed pretty tough this year and I was worried less were going to make it.

April 7, 2014

Uncle Ben Visit

Uncle Ben came to visit and show off his muscles. Alden and Elliott were up to the challenge and showed their muscled right back at him.

Ben and Alex are on their way to Maryland by driving south and visiting friends along the way. we will be meeting them in Maryland in about a week for Passover.

Scott came to visit as well and prompted a trip to the coast.