January 27, 2008

Things are slowing down - whew

Alden’s neck strength is improving and he can almost support his head now. His eyes are staying open longer these days and his grip is stronger. He is learning to suck on his hand when it randomly gets close enough to his mouth and his bowels are mighty. He goes through a couple outfits a day, but I think that is more due to parental incompetence in diapering than anything else.

Everyone is doing well. We are between guests this weekend and are cleaning the house. We still need to get some bookshelves for our boxed items and I may build something today. I am also finding tiny (neurotic) drafts where the floor meets the wall (the down side of a balloon-frame house) so I’m going to have myself a caulk party in the near future. Things are slowing down enough to take care of homey things again.

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