January 21, 2008

Day three for Baby Alden

Day 3

Today started off rather slowly. We were all basically waiting for the I.V. drip of antibiotics to work their way through Alden’s system and get the results from the lab to see if he’s sick or not. From wake up time till about four, we hung out perfecting the breastfeeding, diaper changing, baby dressing and holding and bathing. Both Ilana and I are pretty tired so the day seemed to move slowly.

Alden has continued his womb hic-ups in the outside world and it is both tragic and hilarious. His eyes are opening more and he is starting to look around with greater frequency, although one of his eyes is puffy and bigger than the other… again tragic and hilarious. His right hand is bandaged with the I.V., but he doesn’t seem to care. It’s interesting to have a kid on a tether and I keep worrying I’ll trip on the tubing. Funny and hilarious?… They keep taking blood samples from his feet, which I imagine sucks for him, but he is being a real trooper about it.

At around four Grammy Karen visited, followed soon by Grammy Barbara, Unky Ben and Ellen, and greatgodsomethingorother (on Ilana’s side) Jeff and Renee and greatgodsomethingorother on my side James and his friend Nancy. Jeff, Renee, and James are the family friends that knew either Ilana or I since were we’re born and are really awesome folks. It was great to see them and everyone brought gifts, which was very sweet.

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