January 28, 2008

Big Baby

Baby sizes

Alden with a Mohawk after his bath
A kimono given to him by a fan

Alden’s fans keep appearing. I went to the Gardiner Art Talk on Sunday, where John Carnes was talking about the history of watercolor. It was a very good lecture and nice to see events in Gardiner happen. It was the first time I was out socially (Ilana and Alden were at home) since Alden was born and people kept telling me to give him their best and to wish him well for them. It was both wonderful and strange to see the Alden fans – people who hadn’t met him yet giving me hats and bags of little outfits and chewable books to pass along to the fella. I just want all you fans to know Alden appreciates what you are doing and loves you all.

On another note our friends Jane and William came by to visit. Will is about 7 months and he both blew my mind and freaked me out. I had met will a month earlier, before Alden was born. He’s a charming guy with a great smile and a good grip. At the time I met him he was hooked into some contraption that let him kinda-stand and move around a play-mushroom full of bells and pulls and knobs. I didn’t really note his size and shape at the time, but having him next to Alden today really put things into a new perspective. Will is HUGE, and still very baby-ish. I don’t know what I expected, but comparing the two boys was a shocker. Some how I think of Alden becoming a 3 year old without three years of development slowly taking place, and that the 3 year old mark is a straight path of elongation, improved balance, diction, and humor. From the looks of things there is going to be a period of remaining a baby that I completely forgot about.

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