January 22, 2008

Alden comes home - day 4

Day 4

Today we got the word that we could go home. It turns out that Alden has no infection and the IV drip was just a precaution that gave him bad gas. Getting out of the hospital took some time. We got the check-out leave at 1:30, but the antibiotics called for a second hearing test (everything is okay) and then Alden wanted to feed, and then we had to get all our stuff to the car get everyone dressed, and figure out the car seat… We left the hospital at 4pm.

I realize that I'm writing more about our birthing experience than anything else on the this Blog so far. Having a kid is definitely the most interesting thing I've done in awhile. The best thing I can equate it to from the non-kid world is that its like working on a really cool project that you are enthusiastically into and don’t mind not eating or sleeping to work on. The kind of project that is challenging, but rewarding in the process as well as the intended result.

It was good to be home with everyone not dressed in hospital-gear. We ate supper, Grammy Barbara is staying this week to help out with things. We built a fire because it’s getting cold out, drank some wine, and went to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Annika says ooooohhhh when she see's Alden! He is so cute! I'm so glad all is well and he is healthy. I really want to call and say hi but know how hecktic things can be! Take care and we're thinking of you!!!! All good things! Syd, Jim and Annika