May 4, 2008

He's got my nose

Alden being grabbyThis past week started with Alden being particularly upset about something. It only lasted a few days and we're not sure what it was but it's over (for now). I remember hearing something years (decades) ago about the little finger on people's hands being evolutionarily extraneous and that it was shrinking and would eventually 'evolve away'. Whoever came up with that theory obviously never had children. Letting Alden suck on my little finger is often the only thing that calms him when he's cranked. If my little finger were not around, I shutter to think of what would happen to me... or him.. or to us both. I would now rate the little finger as one of my top ten body parts for 2008. For the rest of the week Alden has been his usual charming and mellow self.

Alden has been grabbing stuff like a shoplifter with OCD. He mostly grabs his own hands, and hasn't mastered the fine art of holding for more than ten seconds, but it's really neat to see him make connections - seeing the hand-to-brain-to-eye pathway form.

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