May 31, 2008

Baby Stats

So I know all of you out there have been on the edge of your seats all week, waiting for the latest stats of everyone's favorite little boy. Sorry to keep y'all waiting. It's been a bit of a rough week. First, the numbers:
Head Circumference: 17.1 inches (88%)
Height: 24.75 inches (50%)
Weight: 13 lbs 5 oz (25%)

Alden was pronounced healthy and happy at his appointment, at least until the shots were administered. In terms of growth, his head still seems to be out-pacing every other part of his body. But the doc we saw on Tuesday seemed a little troubled by his weight. I was too, honestly. I felt sure that he was at least 14 lbs, especially since last week all he wanted to do was eat and eat. So now I feel TOTALLY inadequate as a source of nourishment for our child. I had a hard time getting my supply up fast enough for Alden last week, so I started taking the fenugreek/blessed thistle, pumping between meals, eating oatmeal and almonds 30 times a day, etc. It seems to have worked because I got a whole lot more milk out this week than the previous week at work. Kerstin says Alden is developing a runner's build. Still, Alden continues to grow at a glacial pace compared to his compatriots. Even Evelyn, 5 weeks his junior, has him beat by over a pound. I can't help but think I'm doing something wrong. So I asked the doctor (who was not Alden's normal pediatrician) what she recommended. I was expecting some sort of 'atta girl' pep talk about sticking with the breastfeeding, joining La Leche League, keeping up the pumping and the herbs, etc. Instead the doctor told me that I need to supplement with formula. Say, what?? Have I endured 2 months of painfully raw nipples, near weekly visits to lactation consultants and a persistent sleep deficit for nothing? I considered telling her to go cram it with oatmeal and almonds, but kept my mouth shut instead. She must have noticed my pursed lips though and said something to the effect of "you can't have it all, you know, life is about compromises, especially if you choose to return to work". So now it was all my fault because I had to go back to work? Then she said I could try giving him some rice cereal instead. Everything that I've read says to wait 6 months for that. I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. But I've been wondering lately if I'm being a milk snob. Maybe I do need to supplement with something. Maybe he's not thriving because my milk isn't very good. I dunno. Alden always eats till he stops, and he doesn't seem to lack food, except when he spurts... So, we're thinking about adding some rice cereal to his menu in the next week or so.

Karen teaching Alden to bow.

The only noble thing I can attribute to Barbara Bush is her Raising Readers program, where every child in Maine is given a book at every check-up until they are 5 years old. So far we've got about 5 books from this program (you get 3 at birth) and each one has been great... until this month. The 4-month baby book sucks. "I Love Colors" by Margaret Miller. This dud contains large color photographs of (I kid you not) the weirdest looking babies I've ever seen. Each baby sports a brightly colored and somewhat age-inappropriate object. For example, a giant yellow feather boa or purple heart-rimmed glasses. The one on the first page is a bald and toothless 5-month old with Carol Channing lips, a red bow and the manic grin of a meth addict. She seriously creeps me out. I can honestly say that our escrow statements make better bedtime reading than this mess of freaky babes. What's even more shocking is that it won the 1999 "Book of the year" award from Parenting Magazine. Shameful....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ilana! Catching up on your blog - I love the pics in the "In Training" post - those bumbo seats are so much fun for f2f interaction. Bummer about the pediatrician's comments re: milk supply... I'd maybe consider getting a second opinion - esp since the growth charts tend to be for formula-fed babies, who grow differently, and b/c so many peds tend to go straight to supplementing as their easy answer... just a thought -