May 11, 2008

Getting off the fruit grid

Besides raising the kid up, we have been doing other things. Most pertinently work on the home and garden. I've been finishing the attic with a better floor and sheet rocking the rafters (to keep the space cleaner and avoid roofing nails poking through the pitch-slope). Even Ilana has trouble supporting me in improving the storage space of the house, so I wont get into it too much. However, we have also been working the grounds and doing a bunch of planting. I've put in eight fruit trees (the golden delicious was already here) and have plans to put in a couple more. I hope to be off the fruit grid in five years. I tilled out another 10 x 20 patch of garden to grow more vegetables, and cleaned up out raspberry patch and blueberry bushes. On a side note, we inherited a complete canning set-up when we bought the house and hope to really get into it this fall...

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Elizabeth Hobson said...

Hey Gilgs!

I really like your fruit map (especially the color-coding!). However, it has been over a week without a picture of everyone's favorite kid. Does he have teeth yet? A new hairstyle? Give us an update!!