March 22, 2008

Stepping out

My father and brother finally came up to see the new edition of Gilg-personage. They had not met Alden yet and were very excited to see him. Alden wasn't expressing much excitement at their arrival, although his excitement-meter descends in order from Mom - food - light sources - high contrast objects - me - movement - noise. I like to think guests are somewhere between me and movement, although I can t help play the system to my favor when others are around by wearing high contrast clothes, moving a lot, and making noises. So while my dad and brother are in town I will be dressing like the bassist from the Bosstones.

Geoffrey with Alden

Joseph meets Alden

We went out for Maine Maple Saturday today, which is an informal celebration of Spring by maple farms showing off how they make syrup and selling pancake breakfasts. More people than you think were there, it was quite the do. So many folks that they ran out of sausage by 10:30am! Everyone in Maine is very eager to be getting out and doing something, after being boxed in all winter.

After the breakfast we went back to the house and Geoffrey and I did some tree-pruning.

Kerstin with new chainsaw

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Anonymous said...

Hey there - The song is by Rosalie Sorrels but can be heard on YOUTUBE by Jefferson Starship: The Baby Tree.

(ps - I'm glad I don't have triplets or twins.)