March 26, 2008

Sittin' Pretty

Alden in his Japanese woodworker outfit. Alden is learning to sit up (with some help from the sofa) and although he still takes a few tumbles, on the whole, he's getting it pretty well. Here he is in his fabulous kimono, which is still too big, but certainly bigger than before. He's also got a pretty good puppy dog impression. Eat your heart out, Sasha!
Alden is still surrounded by adoring relatives, who are happy to watch him in the mornings and evenings. This means that I can (ahem) get a shower in before noon or grab a bite to eat between feedings. It's been great having the grandparents around. Grandpa Joseph and Alden are first rate nappers. Plus, Joseph has this great song about babies in trees that really knocks the little guy out. I have to learn it before he leaves or I'm afraid I'll never be able to lull Alden to sleep again.
Sandy joined us on Sunday. Here she is meeting Alden for the first time.
Alden is a little genius. No really, I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom, he really is an exceptional kid. Before he eats, I ask him "do you want some milk?" and he'll look up and say "ilk". Seriously! Joseph didn't believe me at first, but he fed Alden one morning (so I could get some sleep) and claimed that Alden said "ilk" before getting the bottle. I know you naysayers out there will say it's a random noise, but he doesn't say it until he's just about to get fed. I get all excited when he says it, which makes him grin and say it more. Brilliant!

Here is the song, I don't know who it is by.
Island Way Out In The Sea

There's an island way out in the sea
where the babies, they all grow on trees.
It's jolly good fun to swing in the sun,
but you've gotta watch out if you sneeze.

Yes, you've gotta watch out if you sneeze
because swinging out there in the breeze
you're liable to cough.
You might very well fall off
and tumble down flop on your knees, knees.
Tumble down flop on your knees.

And when the stormy winds hail
the breezes fly high in a gale.
There's a curious toppling and floppling and ploppling.
Fat little babies just hail, hail.
Fat little babies just hail.

The babies lie there in a pile.
The grown-ups they come after while.
They always pass by all the babies that cry,
and take home the babies that smile, smile.
Take home the babies that smile.
Even triplets and twins if they smile.


Elizabeth Hobson said...

I have to admit, that is a quality puppy-dog look that Alden has going there

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