August 15, 2010

Wood stacking weekend

Grandpa Scott (Bapoo in Alden speak) came up for the weekend to help stack wood. He did enjoy seeing Ilana Alden and myself, but the draw for him, I think, was the large pile of unstacked and unsplit wood we needed to address for winter.

We rented a wood splitter for the day to split the rounds of white pine Ben cut down last season. It took awhile to get because we had to change out the ball-hitch on the truck, which involved a trip to the auto part store... always something. We wanted to start around nine, but didn't get the splitter fired up until 10:30.
Alden was fascinated by the splitter. He is ALL little boy when it comes to machines. Anything that makes a machine noise (skill saw, mower, electric sander, log splitter, automatic garage door, blender, vacuum cleaner, you name it) intrigues him. We wouldn't let him get too close for safety reasons.
It was a good day for splitting wood and we managed to get the splitting done by 4:30 and were able to return the splitter in time. Ilana and I took turns watching Alden and helping stack the logs. Scott was a stacking machine! He stayed the night so he could stack more the next day.
Alden and I watch in amazement as Scott and Ilana stack-away.

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