August 31, 2010

Jospeh and Sandy Visit

Joseph and Sandy visited us for a few weeks at the end of August. It was great to finally see Sandy again, who missed the last visit because her mother was having health problems. Sadly her mother had health issues on this trip too, but she was stuck in an Italian hospital for the whole time, so there wasn't much Sandy could do.
Alden showed off his new undies. The visit by the grandparents marked the start of potty training boot camp, which I'm sure was more than they had bargained for. Our Superior plum bore fruit for the first time this year and they ripened right on the day that Joseph and Sandy arrived, so we all got to enjoy them.
On the first night we went to the Theater at Monmouth, which is pretty well known for its summer Shakespeare programming. The production we saw was a bit disappointing, but it was nice to get out nonetheless.
We made lots of delicious meals at Karen's and our house.
Joseph fired up the grill for our first barbecue of the season (I'm ashamed to say) and made us a wonderful meal celebrating the harvest in the garden. We used a lot of our garden vegetables in most of the meals.
Karen had guest passes to her fitness club, and took Sandy, Ilana and Alden with her one day. Alden liked the pool a lot, but also really liked the elevator in the facility.
We took a trip to the Portland Children's Museum on a rainy Wednesday thinking no one would be there but the place was packed. At first Alden was sort of tweaking on the energy in the place, and did pretty well considering, but had a sensory-overload meltdown after a few hours.

Alden discovered the firetruck this time and was really into it. There were lots of buttons to push to make noises and lights flash and that's what he's all about these days.He's also way into fake food, for some reason. He plays with it all the time at daycare too.
There was a great little puppet theater in the basement and Joseph did a stirring rendition of Froggie Went a Courtin'. Alden just wanted to mash the puppet's faces, mostly and drag them around on the floor.
There was also a fun little exhibit with a theremin-like instrument that the kids could control using the wheel mounted to the wall.

Sandy left a little early to try to connect with her Mom, leaving Joseph with Alden all to himself for a few more days. They went on long walks in the stroller to the park and to the Gardiner library, where he entertained in another puppet stand.
They also got ice cream from the farmer's market, which he usually is not allowed to have. That's what makes Grandfathers so awesome!

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