August 11, 2010

A day at the beach

As part of a belated birthday event for Karen we packed up the car and went to the beach at Pimaquid point.
We were not sure how Alden would do. He had been to the beach about the same time last year and it was only moderately successful. He had trouble letting his feet touch the sand, bless him. He spent most of that trip sitting on a towel. He did run into the water but he had to have his shoes on...
This year there was dramatic improvement. He kind-of minded the sand to begin with, but soon he realized it was really fun and began to dig and build stuff with it. He also discovered seaweed stocks that drifted in on the waves and would hold onto them like there were money.
One game Alden especially liked was having his legs buried in the sand. He liked having the sand tightly packed, but not so tight he could not get out, a fine line... Many of the games these days involve Alden having something done to him. Burying in sand, rolling up in a blanket, flipping him onto the bed. He seems to be a little less physically developed compared to other kids his age, but he really enjoys physical activity none the less.

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