June 2, 2007

Workin' in the back yard

We started in on the yard last weekend. Ben and Ellen came up to help. Karen and Larry, her friend from Cambridge, also pitched in. Ben wields a mighty axe, as you can see above. I think he's meant to be a lumberjack rather than a financial analyst, but what do I know? Ellen and I spent that day removing all the flowers and weeds from the bed around that stump. I'm planning to put our herb garden here. Most of the flowerbeds are overgrown because they've been neglected for years. I guess that's what I'll be working on all summer. We also rented a rototiller and tilled a plot for our vegetable garden.

The yard looked pretty good at the end of the day. Ben worked really hard on that stump, but couldn't get it out of the ground. Though not for lack of trying. His superhuman strength could use a little conditioning. Next time, lil' bro....

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