June 2, 2007

New Floor Plans

Kerstin and I hammered out a few rennovation ideas. Below is the current 1st floor plan. (I didn't include the floorplan for the dining room, office and living room because we don't plan to make any changes to their layout):

And here is our remodeling plan:

Here is the current 2nd floor floor plan. (Again, the second half of this level is not included because it's just attic and storage space and we aren't going to make any changes at this time):

We want to convert the 3rd bedroom to a bathroom (since there are no bathrooms on the second floor currently):

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good work.
It looks like a chore for sure.
Why not put just a shower in the downstairs bathroom? you might-could use the space.
Think about it
Joseph :-)