June 13, 2007


The gardens
The gardens are up and running. The little plants are growing and may one day provide nutrition and tastiness for us. Or they may provide nutrition and tastiness for rabbits, gophers, deer, raccoons, roving teen vandals, or any number of other things that might disrupt a full growing season.

The garden is designed in the classic white-guy-rectangle-that’s-not-quite-square. I guess it would be a rhombus. It’s the plot that got tilled out the other week, and then we removed the sod and planted tomatoes, squash, melons… other leafy things. To be honest after the tilling was done I went to the garage to sort stuff and left the planting to Ilana.

The herb garden has the volcanic-crater design. Inspired by the stump removal and the laziness to not landscape around it for another week or so. Again Ilana planted while I was of scrapping wallpaper or something. At some point I have to figure out how to move the stump to the bon-fire pile across the yard, It’s uphill and the stump is an awkward roller. More on that later I suppose.

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