January 19, 2014

Alden Day

Alden had his birthday at the Children's Museum in Portland. He always has a great time there. We like it because after the kids arrive parenting is not very difficult. Folks just run around doing museum stuff. 
Alden has four pools of friends to chose from for birthday guests. I think this is amazing for a six year old. Friends from Harbor Children's Center, friends from Stepping Stones school, friends from his current school, and friends from aftercare at the Boys and Girls Club. Despite this the turn out for the party was low. I think Portland is a ways to drive from Gardiner and it snowed all day so roads were poor.
I think the gathering was just the right size in my estimation. Good quality interaction, sweet kids that were genuine friends and we had quite a bit of extra pizza left over. 

Alden received a bunch more legos, following the trend from Christmas, and was very gracious in opening them and thanking his friends. 

While the older kids ran around Elliott and I hung out in the toddler pin/ coral/ zone/ and worked on our stair climbing and wall biting skills.

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