August 26, 2012

Hurray For Alden

Alden has been doing GREAT since Elliott came on the scene. He was very excited to meet the new family member and that enthusiasm has only increased over time. He is still not sure about the best way to engage baby E, but likes to pat him on the head like he were a cat. Alden is not fond of Elliott crying and will usually leave the room if it is sustained for more than 20 seconds. But even with that Alden wears his big brother status with pride and we cannot complete a diaper change without him rushing in to ask if it was a pee or poo. Here is a picture Alden drew of Ilana and Elliott.

The birth of Elliott happened during the last week of Alden's summer school, and since Joseph and Sandy had just arrived for their visit we took Alden out of class (turning a 2 week school break into a three week break). I think Alden has started to miss the school structure and all of his friends, but he has been having a terrific couple of weeks with the family and grandparents. 

Going to and from the airport is always a treat for Alden due to his love of elevators and escalators... so he has been doing that when guests come and go.
Alden has been playing sports like bocci with folks and going swimming in the lakes of Maine when the weather gets hot.
Another great hot weather cure is the slip n' slide that Grandma Barbara brought from California. Despite the terrible water pressure of our house we managed to make it work using two hoses.
 We also managed a few trips to the Portland Children's Museum, which is still on top of the list of great places to visit.
When Scott came up for a visit, he brought Alden a new bike and helmet. Before this, Alden would use his trike and we didn't have a helmet... so this is better in many ways.

We also did a backyard camp out for a night in our tent and Alden has been getting so many sweet treats it is a wonder he is able to sleep at all.
Alden is also fascinated by Elliott's check-ups and seeing the doctors examine someone else for a change.  He has been super attentive to Ilana and frequently asks if he can bring her food or water. Both Ilana and I are very proud of Alden and his helpfulness with the new baby. Hurrah for Alden!

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