August 22, 2012

Baby Elliott - Day 8

Whew, we made it past the first week with our newest family member. It is always a puzzle in making the right accommodations for a new person. Elliott has been a real champ and is integrating with the family well. His sleep schedule is synching up with ours in a very positive way. We had two nights of difficulty, but now he only gets up about twice per night. As I remember it, Alden put us through the ringer for months with sleeping related difficulties. This is a terrific surprise.He likes being held best of all, followed by the car seat and a distant third is the bassinet. He does well being swaddled but is strong and can break free... even from the velcro swaddles. He also likes sleeping warm, despite the August high temps.

Now that there is a regular sleep schedule Elliott is only awake (and not feeding) for a few hours each day. We are still working on getting him back to his birth weight. This was difficult with Alden as well. It seems like we are ahead of that curve with Elliott's nutrition, but will have to dig a little deeper to boost the current results. He is still 9 oz shy of his birth weight. 

On Monday we had a BBQ with/ for all the grandparents. It was a real treat to have them all at the same place at the same time.  We are still thankful for the support and help they have given and continue to give.

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