April 22, 2012

Demolition 2

More work on the apartment this wekend

The walls in the kitchen have been sheet-rocked, the floor has been patched and the door to the laundry room installed

The water heater has been moved and the laundry room has been switched and the electric has been re-run so it make more sense and is less dangerous.

I still need to finish the wall opening, which I think I will do with MDF next week.

The 9" header  that will separate the kitchen/ laundry-room drop-ceiling from the entryway/ living room   full ceiling still need to be sheet rocked, but is installed and looking good.

I am still moving some electric wiring and switches, but should have that done by next weekend. Other things I hope to do by next weekend include salvaging the bathtub with a bit of cleaning, patching the ceiling where the old walls were, and set up backer board for the tub surround and sheetrock around the breaker-box in the bathroom.

I have contacted a plumber to move some pipes... that should happen this week. I will be meeting with the window installer Monday morning and I plan to talk with a flooring installer for new carpets/ vinyl sometime this week as well.

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