April 17, 2011

Zom -Bees

Yesterday, after I installed my package of bees, I left the box they came in by the front of the hive. This was so the bees that weren't shaken out could climb/fly into their new home at their own speed. I then took Ilana and Alden to the airport (around 3:30) and when I got back all the bees in the box seemed to be dead. It was still and quiet and none of the bees were moving. It was in the low forties yesterday and windy and pretty cold so I figured they got stressed and I was a bad bee keeper for losing around 200 bees on my first day. I brought the box inside, thinking that one or two bees might still be alive and I could reunite them with their family tomorrow. I put the box (with a cover on the opening) on the kitchen counter and over about three hours all the bees woke up and started buzzing angrily. When I turned off the kitchen light and they calmed down. When I went back in the kitchen to get a sandwich they all got upset and made their high-pitched, back-off-pal buzz. Anyway I am glad they are alive and I need to figure how to get them to their hive today despite the rain and wind storms...

Here are the remaining bees that I thought were dead . I I am calling them zom-bees. Fortunately, there was a break in the bad weather and I timed putting the zom-bees out really well. They all went into the hive by 3pm. I am a good bee keeper after all.

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