April 9, 2010


We have been getting behind on the blog updates, I blame the warm weather. There is a bunch of stuff going on with the house and garden and Alden, too much to write about, we are to busy doing. Easter being a good case in point.

Easter was celebrated at Karen's house with a brunch, although we started our observance of the holiday by having Alden wear his rabbit hat in the morning.

Karen had hidden plastic eggs in her lawn for us. Alden got the concept of seeking and finding them right away, especially when he learned there were cookies inside. Karen helped carry the basket and Ilana helped Alden redirect himself when he began to get too far away from the search area.
Karen did a good job hiding the eggs, usually in a patch of grass or flowers... very spring-y... thematically appropriate. The scaffolding in the back is for some sill work Karen is getting done to her roof.
After the egg hunt we went in for brunch. Our friend Sarah joined us . Alden wasn't up for brunch, having eaten most of the cookies from eggs. Brunch was fantastic, with strawberry shortcake at the end. Alden conked out as soon as we got him in the car, and we spent the rest of the day working in the garden.

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