November 8, 2009

Guy Fawkes Celebration II

Just like this time last year, we had a BIG pile of burnable material and thus a Guy Fawkes party was thrown. Darrell brought the Guy who got to sit in a chair facing east this year. A majority of this year's bonfire came from the shed demolition a la Ben. We decided to wait until Saturday to celebrate this time.

I found a gallon can of lighter fluid that came with the house when we bought it and used it to help start the fire.
The fire caught well and the Guy was soon consumed.
The fire was a bit bigger than last year. We had about the same number of guests. Most of them were Ilana's friends from Bigelow. I found an old bag of marshmallows and they were the surprise hit of the party. The fire was so hot however that no one could comfortably stand within 6 feet of it, so I scrounged some old 9' tree branches I'd used as netting posts last year to serve as marshmallow sticks. Ivona demonstrates the proper marshmallow roasting technique here:We provided soup, beer, bread, potatoes and parkin (an English cake that is really dry). People brought desserts, chips, and other welcome contributions.

The stump that didn't burn last year still didn't burn, and the big tree-piece I added this year didn't burn either. There was a pile of mulched leaves on one side of the pile that was too wet to burn as well. All in all, I am very happy with this year's burn, although I am going to try and re-burn what didn't catch in a week or so if it stays dry.

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