November 15, 2009

Day at Bapu's house

Alden and I spent the day with my Dad at his house on Sunday. Kerstin stayed behind for some much needed quiet time and so he could work on the house without interruption. Alden has demonstrated a remarkable memory over the past couple of months. We saw a train pass through downtown Wiscasset one June evening while we were traveling home and now every time we pass over those train tracks in our daily commute, Alden says "choo choo train". Although it's been over 5 months since Alden was last at my Dad's, he has a remarkable recollection of that experience. When asked about it, he'll predictably fire off "tractor, barn, chickens, doggie". This anthem was our rallying cry as we made our way westward along Rt. 25 to New Hampshire.
The tractor was still the main draw, but chickens came in a close second this time. Alden is giving them an emphatic hello with both hands here. He got to feed the chickens sunflower seeds and pet them, which captivated him for about 2 minutes before he started pleading for more tractor rides. Lucky for him, my Dad had some dirt to move around the yard, and Alden was able to help out. Alden figured out how to pull the lever to tilt the bucket loader all by himself and now has to be watched carefully, least the bucket suddenly release it's contents all over the driveway. Of the many hazards of letting a toddler operate heavy machinery, I suppose this one is relatively mild, but it bodes ill for the future. I'm envisioning a time in the not too distant future when Alden will sneak out of my Dad's house at 3 AM and go for a joyride down to the lake or start tearing random holes in the lawn. Another milestone to look forward to.
It was a really warm day and we had a great time walking through the woods and up and down the new deck stairs.

Some cute little clips from the day.

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