September 25, 2009

Alden's First Installation

I took Alden to the Point of Connection installation opening at the North Dam Mill in Biddeford. Karen often helps watch Alden on Fridays, however she could only do a half day this time. I had some work errands to do so I brought Alden along.

I left from work around noon and had lunch with Alden and Karen. Alden and I then drove to Portland to see David Wolfe at his studio. David was awarded a Fellowship this year and we are making a video about his work (typesetting) at the agency. Alden and I checked in with him to make sure the rough-cut was on track. Alden and I then went around downtown Portland putting up posters for the Fellowship award event.

At four we headed to Biddeford for the opening. Alden fell asleep on the way so I put him in the ergo-pack and carried him around to start with. By about 5:30 Alden woke up and was really upset not to be sleeping. He complain-cried for several minutes till he saw the big yellow triangle piece. He loved seeing the sculpture and ran to it. Then he climbed up the side as far as his little legs would carry him and slid down to the floor. Things were all better after that.

Alden has a well honed appreciation for installation art from the many artwalks he has done in Gardiner. He especially liked running around the big mill hallways. People seemed to get a kick out of him as well.

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