June 7, 2009

First Harvest

Radishes are flourishing in the new garden. Here are the first recruits out of the soil and about to be tossed in a salad. Our mesclun greens are also growing really well. I guess we're officially in the salad days of summer.
This week Alden discovered that he really likes hats, the remote control for the fan in our room and shapes (stars and circles, specifically). He's going through a Robert Smith phase (haven't we all, at some point?). He is also walking with his hands at his sides, instead of the toddler balancing walk with his arms in the air. The unfortunate development of the week is that he's become very picky about food textures and unless his vegetables are pureed unrecognizably smooth, he won't touch them. If a stray broccoli flower in an otherwise uniform puree touches his tongue, he'll boycott the whole meal. Tragic...

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