June 28, 2009

Borrowing the car

Alden has been borrowing his friend Evelyn's car for the past couple weeks. It's a sporty Kettler with an open top. Alden loves pushing himself around on it and (encouraged by me) saying 'boom' when he runs into walls, doors, sofas and the like. The seat lifts up, revealing a storage space where he keeps a stash of inflatable stars (from his kiddy pool). We tried encouraging him drive outside on the lawn, but the Kettler's performance is far superior as a sports vehicle on a engineered surface than as a garish off-roader.

Unfortunately Alden does not drive or park with any particular regard for others. He frequently gets parking tickets, which he usually just throws on the ground and then drives away (very amusing). I fear Evelyn will have some explaining to do if she gets stopped once she gets her car back.

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