January 20, 2009

oh yeah, holidays

Besides my brain going screwy and entertaining family and friends, our computer broke this holiday and had to be taken to the shop. Hence, very little was put on the blog about our seasonal celebrations.

Both Ilana and I see the value of a time of year where the culture makes an effort to collectively try and practice goodwill and treat family, friends and strangers extra nice. We are also both pretty lax with the religious connections that go along with that behavior however. I think we hit five out of the seven days of Hanukkah and Karen brought us a live baby spruce tree we decorated with Aldens finger puppets and some old candy canes that mysteriously materialized. We did the Christmas-morning-gift-exchange-thing at Karen's. Alden got a tiny sled that we pulled him around in, despite being over-tired.

Joseph came for the holidays and and was here to help prepare the kitchen counter for a dishwasher and stayed for my birthday. I think he had a really good time despite my hospitalization.

New Years was a quiet stay at home affair and on January 10, we went to the Capricorn Ball. It's a party for everyone, but celebrates Capricorns especially with a goat-effigy bonfire, live music, and loads of people.

Then we got ready for Alden's birthday, which I think marked the end of our celebrations.

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Aaron Hobson said...

5 out of 7 days of Hannukah? Yeah, you are pretty lax about the religious side of things.