January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Alden

Our little monkey turns one year old today! In retrospect, it seems like this year was the longest of my life (especially in the sleep department) and also the shortest (he used to fit into that tiny onsie!) Whoa.

An early gift were these three turtles whose shells are spheres that spin their sphere-feet when you roll them. Very fun and clever, even though Alden just takes the spheres off and sucks on them.

For some reason I believe it should be a tradition to get a haircut on your first birthday. In keeping with that traditon, we gave Alden a haircut. A dopey, pumpkin-headed, white-trashy haircut... I gave it my best shot, but it was really hard when he's so squirmy.

Alden with trailer-fresh hair and baby-sized cake he is too small to eat. And too pukey. He's got - gasp - another ear infection, accompanied by fever and GI troubles. Poor guy. It was much worse yesterday, but he had a mid-morning rally today. The fever is gone now and he was able to put down some banana and yogurt for dinner without retching afterwards.

Alden showing off some of his chompers.

Opening a present. It's just starting to dawn on him what this "present" thing is all about.
Alden playing with new cars. Alden has a love-hate relationship with toys that have wheels. He thinks they're really neat, but will break into tears when playing with them sometimes. We can't deduce a reason for this, he just sits there, pushing the toy frantically and crying. I think he may have mobility issues and is jealous of wheels.

Other awesome goodies Alden got for his B-day include the sharp sweater he is wearing in this picture and the chair he is sitting in that clamps to the table top. Very handy.
We had grand plans to throw a big party for him with his friends and family, but between his illness and the giant snowstorm that hit the East Coast the festivities were cancelled. Karen and Ben braved the blizzard to pay us a visit, but other than that, we spent the day hunkered down by the fire eating the chili intended for our visitors. Alden seemed to enjoy himself. Happy first, little man. We love you a whole bunch and hope you feel better soon.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Alden! You are starting to look more like a little kid than a baby. Ronin wishes she could be there to throw your cake on the floor with you.

Ronin used to sign milk all the time and then she just sort of quit. She almost never does it even when she's clearly wanting it. Now she just tugs at my shirt and bra straps. And I used to feed her almost always within seconds of when she milked at me.

She doesn't do the 'hot' face-smacking anymore either, just says the word. We've sort of given up on the signs mostly.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Alden. When I was sixty and you were one, I had to ski over to your house to celebrate your birthday. My friend Sarah Miller came too! It was an incredibly lovely snow and it was great fun to see you. I was able to start a NextGen College 529 for you for your birthday. This was such fun to do because when you dad was a baby we did not have enough money to do this for him. Love, Karen