July 24, 2008


The ongoing trouble with the woodchuck has taken some turns in the past few weeks. I was almost able to brain him with a rock the other day, but I missed. I soaked some pieces of cloth in ammonia and threw them down all the holes I could find followed by some rocks and topped off with sod. I've also been setting a have-a-heart cage around the property to get the varmint, mostly in front of the burrow holes I could find, but to no avail.
Yesterday I awoke to find a critter in my trap, a teenage skunk. He didn't seem fussed to be in a cage, and I had to go to work early so I left him in it all day. It was going to rain so I pulled the trap out from the garden and dragged it to the side of the house to keep dry.

My original plan (created in relation to the woodchuck) would have been to put the caged critter in the back of the truck and drive it out to a forest at least 5 miles away. I was going to apply this plan to the skunk, however, I got to thinking at work, and became less certain that it was a necessity. When I checked online, I found that skunks really aren't bad garden pests....so I let him go that evening

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Elizabeth Hobson said...

Actually, I hear that if they're de-scentified, skunks make really good pets. Maybe you could train him to scare off the gophers?