April 6, 2008

Weekend Visits

Ben, Ellen, Dad and Lydia came up for a visit this weekend and made me an awesome birthday dinner. Paella with crawfish, scallops, Maine shrimp and Haddock and a chocolate cake. It was incredible. Ben is an amazing cook. Alden was enjoying being passed around... mostly

Mutual meltdown in the arms of Uncle Ben.

Alden has been very active this week. The wiggles have turned into something more akin to frenzied stomping. Especially when he gets changed, he goos and stomps, stomps, stomps.

The blue blurs are his hands. We have to keep him in gloves, as he'll still claw out his own eyes, given half the chance.
One major milestone this week is tummy time. He normally tolerates it for exactly 4 seconds before losing his shit. This week he was able to hang out on his tummy for a good 5 minutes before meltdown. This is a BIG change. I even managed to snap a few photos of him being pleasant on his belly!

The cutest little socks ever! (Courtesy of Grandma Sandy)

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