April 25, 2008


Passover was fun as usual. I think of it like a Jewish Thanksgiving, but instead of being thankful the Native Americans and bad weather didn’t kill everyone, thanks is given to not having the first born male killed and for having the All-Mighty whoop ass on the Egyptians. Otherwise it’s similar, minus the dinner roles. Family and friends get together and have a feast, catch up with each other, hang out, and generally slack off unless you’re the one who has to make the meal.

Aunt Kay is the one who always hosts Passover, and she has it down to an art and a science. The food is always magnificent, her kitchen is kind of small so I don’t feel too guilty for not helping, and there’s a pool table in the basement. There is also a little park at the end of the block to stroll in should you need some fresh air. Alden got to see spring for the first time and got to hang out outside without being bundled head to toe. For all our excitement about this new experience ("Look, Alden, GRASS! FLOWERS!!") he was very nonplussed.

Kay, Alden and Barbara

Cousin Sarah

Alden was a big hit with everybody, and got passed around like a doobie in a drum circle. He had not met Kay and Rob and their family (Sarah Jessie, Rebecca), or Ilana’s brother Aaron and his wife Elizabeth, or (now Great) grandpa Herb yet.
Alden has gotten much bigger and stronger these past few weeks. He is almost too big for his inchworm straight jacket, which helps him (us) sleep at night. It's like a swaddle, but with velcro closures to keep him snug all night. He was able to kick and wiggle his way out of it over passover and then again after we got back home. We are currently trying to figure out how to entice Alden into sleeping for 5 hours straight without it - so far without success.

Alden using restraint...but for how long?

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