February 11, 2008

Favorite thing

In the car seat, on the way to get weighed

Alden with new favorite thing

Alden went back to the doctor today to get weighed. We are happy to announce that he is past his birth weight (just barely) so things are looking good. The lactation consultant said that awhile ago they gave babies 2 weeks to gain back birth weight, but recently the 'policy' changed to one week. It all seems rather arbitrary. We spent the last couple days perfecting our eating and burping methods which seems to have helped a great deal. Ilana spent a day in bed with the kiddo being mom-ly too. Anyway, we're feeling better.

Our friends Ian and Gillian loaned us a video about making babies happy, which boils down to tight swaddling, holding them on their side, gently giggling, making a sush-ing noise, and letting them suck on something. The sush-ing noise is supposed to be kind of like white noise that mellows kids out. In the video they said you should do it pretty loud, equally as loud as their crying to get it working right. I don't like sush-ing loudly so I came up with an alternative... a cellophane bag. Now before you call social services on me for endangering Alden's breathing, I want y'all to know I just crinkle the bag by his ear. He really likes the sound, it's easy to do for long periods, and it mellows him right out. Perhaps I can sell it as a baby-mellower and make a fortune.

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Anonymous said...

That plastic thing really works. However, it only seems to work as long as I keep doing it. Ronin resumes screaming approximately 0.5 seconds after I stop.

Also, she won't submit to swaddling anymore. At first she seemed to like it, but now she's used to her freedom and absolutely hates to be restrained. The sound of her struggling wakes us up.