February 14, 2008

cordless baby

umbilical cord 3 weeks later

Last night while Ilana was changing Alden his umbilical cord stump fell off. Good thing too, it was smelling kinda ripe. I don't think we put enough alcohol on it. We got mixed-message instructions at the hospital, something like 'putting alcohol on that will help it dry, but don't put on too much, some people over-do it', so we let the chord thing slide and it got a little gamy. That's all in the past though, the milestone has been passed. I want to collect another 200 umbilical cord stumps, pretend they're craizens, and hand them out to people as an April fool.

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Anonymous said...

In high school bio, we dissected a cow eye, and one of the parts looked just like a butterscotch candy... so one of my lab partners put it in a wrapper and gave it to a kid who made it his life's work to be a pain in the ass. Anyway, glad that Alden is gaining well now - it can definitely take some time for everyone to learn a good routine.